Dr White is a highly motivated senior policy advisor with strong conceptual and analytical skills, good knowledge and understanding of economic growth

“Working with Simon White has been very valuable in supporting our partners to improve their Business Enabling Environment, especially the setting up of One-Stop Shops for land and tax registration on state level in Nigeria.”

Ms Sina Uti GIZ (German Development Cooperation) Programme for Pro-poor Growth and Promotion of Employment in Nigeria, Abuja, Nigeria (27/09/2013)

“Working with Simon White has always been highly satisfactory. His broad range of technical competencies, especially in policy analysis, economic reform, business enabling environment, local area development, and knowledge management have benefitted our work on several occasions. As a member of the United Nations, the International Labour Organization works directly with Member States. Simon’s ability to comprehensively analyse specific country contexts and his understanding of national and international stakeholders has been critically important to the high quality work he has delivered. It is these competences along with his interpersonal skills and committed, reliable approach that allow him to conduct his work in an integrated, professional and multifaceted manner.”

Ms Rie Vejs Kjeldgaard International Labour Organization, Deputy Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia (02/05/2016)

“It’s always been a privilege to work with an expert like Simon White. He was an excellent keynote speaker at our first IGNITE Conference in Amsterdam, on the removal of business barriers in fragile states. He also developed for SPARK a five-day training course on Advocacy for Improving the Business Environment in Fragile and Conflict Affected Regions. Simon White is very experienced, his technical abilities are strong, and he is flexible to work with.”

Simon van Melick Programme Manager, Head of Communication, SPARK, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (29/04/2016)

“I benefited from Dr White’s expertise in the Arab region working on fostering an enabling environment for the development of small and medium enterprises. He was welcomed in Palestine and Kurdistan where national ministries appreciated his knowledge, understanding, flexibility, and willingness to share experiences and lessons learned. He welcomed their requests and comments, and responded in a simplified manner using concrete examples. His deliverables were always timely and of very high standards. A pleasure working with such a professional person!”

Ms Rania Bikhazi International Labour Organization Regional Office for Arab States, Beirut, Lebanon (27/04/2016)

“Simon reformulated our programme and provided significant value to the programme, particularly in how he reshaped its outcomes and outputs. He was always punctual and his writing style was simple, clear and easy to understand.”

Ms Maria Machailo-Ellis Executive Director, Botswana Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Manufacturing, Gaborone, Botswana (24/09/2013)

“Simon worked on assignments with us over a period of three years. His ability to come to grips with clients’ needs, to understand the context of the work, and to deliver to specification, and on time, was remarkable. In fact, Simon typically delivered more than requested at an extremely high quality standard. He was particularly competent in areas requiring in depth knowledge and expertise in the development of economic policy and strategy, and was highly effective in work linked to small and medium enterprise and entrepreneurial development across sectors, as well as in business development services work. He also worked on the development of South Africa’s Women’s Economic Empowerment policy and strategy and gender mainstreaming for the national ministry, and was pivotal in that research. His attention to quality research has ensured that Blueprint and all our clients have benefited hugely from his work with us.”

Ms Josie Rowe-Setz Chief Executive Officer, The Blueprint Group, Pretoria, South Africa (28/04/2016)

“Dr White is a highly motivated senior policy advisor with strong conceptual and analytical skills, good knowledge and understanding of economic growth, business development and job creation climate issues, and has very strong writing skills, knowledge and good exposure and experience in the Arab region, and the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) in particular. He formulated a Policy Framework for the development of Micro, Small and Medium sized enterprises in the oPt after conducting a comprehensive and analytical report titled: “Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Assessment; Towards a Policy Framework for the Development of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the Occupied Palestine Territory”. He has a good record in formulating strategies for enhanced economic growth, business development and job creation.”

Mr Mounir Kleibo Representative, International Labour Organization, West Bank and Gaza, Jerusalem (28/04/2016)